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A Personal Letter
Angelhair Proprietor
As a sufferer from hair loss I can totally sympathise with other women as it has a major negative effect on your everyday life. Simple things like a windy day, swimming or people behind you in a queue can leave you feeling exposed and paranoid, wondering if your baldness is visible.
At 21 it had a devastating effect on me, and I began a vicious circle of getting more extensions to cover the damage, which then created more damage and so forth. A combination of unscrupulous stylists, the wrong extensions methods and lack of aftercare information left me with permanent irreversible damage.
The story I would like to share with you is the hurtful event that put me off entering a salon for ten years, but in hindsight became the motive for opening Angelhair.
I was 24, living in Amsterdam and I’d booked in for new extensions in a salon on the high street, which I thought looked very professional. I was tentative regarding other clients seeing my bald patches so I explained to the stylist I had alopecia and could I be positioned somewhere out of public view. Obviously paying no heed to my request, she led me to a chair right at the front of the salon by the window. Desperate to have my extensions done, I humbly sat down trying to hide my embarrassment.
The stylist sectioned my hair, leaving my bald patches visible for all to see, she then disappeared upstairs to the barbers area. Next thing I could see in the mirror was several barbers leaning over the balcony. One of them shouted something to me in Dutch which I couldn’t understand but it made the rest of them laugh. Mortified and completely paranoid, I tried to concentrate on a magazine and tell myself it would all be over soon.
The stylist returned and thankfully got on with applying my extensions. No communication was made between us, and I sat there praying she would hurry up as people were looking at me through the window along with other clients and stylists in the salon.
Half way through my extensions she disappeared again, and another stylist, who was very attractive with gorgeous hair, came over, stood right beside me flicking her hair and admiring herself in the mirror. I can laugh about her audacity now, but I felt smaller than a mouse at the time.
Needless to say, I was never so glad to have my hair finished, paying her in full and running out the door to have a good private cry.
When I opened Angelhair, this episode in my life was always at the forefront of my mind. I hope sharing this incident with you will comfort you in the knowledge that when you visit Angelhair you will be treated with honesty, dignity and respect. Nobody should be made to feel the way I did and then charged for the privilege. Privacy is paramount within a private room, with the added assurance of entering a hair salon and not a wig shop.
The hair extension method and volumisers I have designed have been born from my own desperation to find a solution for my problem. They have helped many women regain their confidence and I’ve been told many times they’ve been life changing. I hope you take the time to read over some of the testimonials as I’m grateful to each and every one of my clients for taking the time to share their experience and the courage to use some of their photographs.
Thanks for reading
Elizabeth Jay
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