Elizabeth Jay @ Angelhair - Micro Ring Hair Extensions, Wigs & Custom Made Lace Volumisers
About us
Elizabeth Jay is a leading specialist in Hair Extensions in Northern Ireland. Her revolutionary extension system and bespoke lace volumisers are a ‘labour of love’ for women of all ages wanting longer, thicker hair or suffering from hair loss conditions.
Whilst living in America 20yrs ago, she developed traction alopecia from weave extensions, and began a journey which would see her opening her own salon ‘Angelhair’ back in Lurgan, Northern Ireland in 2005.
Empathising with the psychological effect hair loss has on a woman; her ethos is to offer natural looking hair extensions and volumising systems that nurture the client’s natural hair.
After extensive training in various extension systems the demand for safer methods lead to distribution of clip-ins for American Dream in 2005, and Hairaisers from 2006, which were worn and promoted by local celebrities Christine Bleakley and Lynda Bryans.
Developing her own brand of hair extensions in 2006 which uses no glue, heat, thread or tension, she has gained an excellent reputation not only with her clientele but gratefully receives many referrals from numerous salons throughout Northern Ireland.
With hair loss sufferers in mind, further certified training was undertaken in wig making and with Trendco, the UK’s largest wig supplier. Armed with new skills her invisible light weight custom made volumisers are designed and hand made, following each client’s requirements, including their growth pattern, style, colours, density and hair texture.
Since 2006, styling of all hair extensions and volumisers has been in the gifted hands of Gemma Kelly. Recently becoming self employed within Angelhair, Gemma’s extensive knowledge, support and raw talent have enabled Elizabeth Jay bring to life her concepts and designs with clients overwhelmed with the natural invisible end results. For further information on Gemma and other valued stylists Lisa Mulholland & Fiona O’Hare, click on the link below for Angelhair.
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