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Micro Ring Wefts Application Hair  Extensions Demonstration.
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Micro Ring Weft Human Hair Extensions | Elizabeth Jay @ Angelhair | Northern Ireland
Micro Ring weft application, maintenance and removal.100% Human Hair Extensions No Glue No Heat No Tension
Being passionate about hair extensions I take immense pride in my work, making sure each client is matched to the best possible method for their hair type, lifestyle and budget. I believe each client wearing my extensions, are an advertisement of my work, and therefore I ensure they are as safe, natural and undetectable as possible.
I offer several methods of hair extensions, ranging from clip-ins through to more permanent methods. All systems use 100% human hair, with different grades available to offer various price ranges to suit every budget.The majority of permanent hair extensions that I apply are Micro Ring Wefts which use silicone lined micro rings to grip and protect client’s natural hair. Every client’s extensions are tailor made by myself, ensuring the weight of the wefts are equally balanced reducing unnecessary tension.
From my own experience with hair extensions, I am painfully aware of all the factors that can lead to permanent damage which is why I developed Micro Ring Wefts. While this method is the gentlest available, the system alone is not how damage is avoided. The following points are all relevant in ensuring a damage free experience.
1.    An in depth consultation to assess the condition of natural hair, lifestyle and health.        
Condition - If your hair is not strong enough for colour or bleaching, well then I’m sorry to say it will not be strong enough for extensions. Many women with fine hair approach me regarding extensions, and again I will not attach permanent extensions, as their hair would not be strong enough. I do however suggest a custom made volumiser, hairpieces or clip-ins. Solutions that can be removed easily on a daily basis, putting no strain on the natural hair.       
Lifestyle – Hair extensions take extra care and attention. Having doubled the amount of hair you would normally have, obviously takes more time to wash, section, blow-dry, etc. Therefore if your lifestyle is like mine, not enough hours in the day, then I would suggest you don’t need the extra burden of permanent extensions. If your job requires you tie your hair up, I would also suggest a less permanent alternative, as tying the hair back regularly, puts pressure on the hairline, which will lead to permanent damage.        
Health – If you’re pregnant and six months post pregnancy again permanent extensions are not advisable. Due to hormonal changes when pregnant, many women suffer hair loss during and after pregnancy and the weight of hair extensions could exaggerate the problem.Alopecia suffers could also make their problem worse again due to the extra weight attached to their natural hair.  
2.    Scheduled maintenance appointments every six to eight weeks to remove natural shedding. Let me explain this, everyone sheds 80-100 hairs every day, and when your wearing hair extensions, this natural shedding has no where to go and therefore builds up over time. If left it will cause matting between the natural hair and extension hair, sometimes the only way to detangle them is by cutting. Therefore by having regular maintenance it avoids a distressing situation.  During maintenance I remove all the extensions which takes anywhere between 10-30mins depending on the build up of shedding. Clients can either have a colour done at their regular salon or with Angelhair, and then the same extensions are re-applied back to their original position. 
3.    Aftercare information and support. Once a client leaves the salon it is up to them to make sure they adhere to the aftercare advice we provide. However, if they are having difficulties I bend over backwards to provide as much help and support as I can. 
4.    Good quality human hair. When hair extensions are off poor quality, they will tangle easily, which will take frequent brushing resulting in more tension being put on the natural hair. That is why I use the best quality 100% human hair available. 
5.    Unfortunately hair extensions are not a long term solution. Whilst micro ring wefts are the safest permanent method available, long periods of use will eventually cause damage. I do explain to clients they are addictive, and have had to wean several clients of them row by row or advise them to change to clip-ins for a period of time. It’s like anything in life, too much of a good thing can be destructive.  
Hair extensions can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, if all the above rules are followed. They are a commitment and I take the responsibility of applying them very serious. I want each client to be happy with them, and their natural hair to be in fantastic condition whenever they are removed.
A free consultation is available to ascertain the correct system, grade of hair and provide an accurate price.  
Hairaisers 100% Human Hair Clip-ins - Available in a wide variety of natural colours and blended mixes. Four thick wefts per packet, enough for a full head, with good quality clips ensuring a secure fit. 
14”       £110
16”       £130
18”       £150 
Micro Ring Wefts
Application Time 1 ½ - 2 hrs
Removal Time 15 – 30 mins 
The following prices are all based on a full head. 
Grade B - lasts 3-4 months with one full maintenance appointment costing £55. 
14”       £240
16”       £260
18”       £280
20”       £300 
Grade A – lasts 6-8 months with several maintenance appointments costing £55 each. 
18”       £380
22”       £420 
Micro Ring Stand by Strand
Application Time 4-6 hrs
Removal Time 1-2 hrs 
Grade B – lasts 3-4 months with one maintenance appointment consisting of replacement of missing strands. 
14”       £340
16”       £360
18”       £380
20”       £400 
Grade A – lasts 3-4 months with one maintenance appointment consisting of replacement of missing strands. 
18”       £480
22”       £520 
A free consultation is advised for accurate pricing and further explaination of whats involved. To book, please contact Elizabeth Jay on
028 38326699 or email info@elizabethjay.co.uk
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