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I have suffered from Trichotillomania for thirteen years; this is a condition whereby one has an irresitible urge to pull out their hair usually caused by feelings of stress, anxiety or other negative emotions which people are faced with in everyday life. I attempted to hide my condition by wearing hats on a daily basis throughout my teenage years this however did not work or help my confidence in any way. I then decided to get a synthetic wig to try and help get me through everyday life and although this helped my confidence a little I could not socialise with people as I felt everyone would know or suspect I was wearing a wig.
 After much thought and consideration my family decided to contact the Lucinda Ellery Hair Studios in London in a last attempt to help my condition but most of all my confidence and the way I lived my everyday life. I was informed of a new Intra lace system they could offer me in which they sewed hair extensions onto a lace mesh which would cover my head and pulled whatever hair I had left through the mesh in order to keep the piece secure on my head. I was overwhelmed as I could not believe this could be the answer to all my problems. The consultancy described how I would have to travel from Northern Ireland to London every six weeks to tighten the piece within this time I could not wash my own hair only the extensions placed on the mesh, I was also informed I would receive continuous support throughout the experience no matter how long it took which I believed was a brilliant service especially considering myself and my mother would have to pay every six weeks for flights and also for the expenses for the system. I found the piece helped me with my confidence so much however I did not receive the continuous support I was promised no one from the salon contacted me as I was promised, the only phone call I received was when I had stopped using the service and the cost of system was a financial strain on the whole family. The fact I could not wash my hair or remove the piece from my head meant I also had to pay a further amount to get my hair washed and treated every six weeks, my hair could therefore not breathe or strengthen due to the piece permanently being attached to my head, it also triggered further urges to pull at my hair due to the fact my scalp would itch as I could not wash my own hair myself, which led to no real progress or improvement in my condition.
I decided to look for other less expensive and healthier alternatives and discovered Elizabeth Jay @Angelhair, based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. I was greeted with friendly and understanding staff who shared sympathy with me and the condition I have. I was then given a thorough  consultation in a private room and was offered a range of different ways in which they could help me ranging from all different solutions and also various prices. Elizabeth Jay informed me of the new service she was introducing to the salon which was custom made human hair pieces. She explained thoroughly how she would make the piece showing me the lace she would use and discussing which type of hair to consider using to ensure I would have no problems working with the hair that had been chosen. A template was made of my head to ensure an  exact fit, comfort and also to make the piece as real and natural looking as possible. Elizabeth Jay also explained how the piece would have clips on the lace so I could wear it at my own leisure.
When I received the piece I was overwhelmed by how natural and beautiful it looked. The time and effort put into the piece was evident as each hair had been perfectly pulled through the lace to ensure a perfect, natural and beautiful head of hair. It was easy to place on my head as my measurements had been taken and it allows me to wash and treat my own hair allowing my own hair to grow naturally without any damage as the clips are easily clipped on and off my own head.
The price of this hairpiece was unbelievable compared to the salon I previously attended in London and also for the fact it lasts six months without any problems or without any appointments within this time. The confidence I have gained due to this hairpiece and due to the continuous help and support of the employees of Angel Hair especially owner Elizabeth Jay has made a huge improvement and big changes in my life which I previously thought were not possible.
Without Elizabeth Jay’s help and expertise in this field I do not know how I would have improved or gained a sense of normality in my everyday life. I would highly recommend these custom made pieces to any woman who has a hair loss or hair problem as the financial, emotional and visual results are life changing.
Rochelle Monaghan
I had been using different types of hair extensions which were damaging my hair before I met Elizabeth Jay at Angel Hair. The difference between Elizabeth Jay and everyone else in the marketplace is that she works closely with you to  provide a perfect solution completely tailored to the needs of your hair. The results are quite simply unique, effortless, and most importantly invisible. No matter what the problem is, Elizabeth Jay can find a solution!
Una Sheehan
HR Business Partner
Do you have thinning hair, health problems/medication affecting your hair, alopecia, bald patches, damage from over-use of straightners?  Then read on to find an amazing solution…
Unfortunately a lot of the above apply to me and added to that list is my delightful (!) frizzy hair requiring twice daily straightening which leads to even more damage.  After trying every type of extensions available  I never quite found something to give me that overall volume and at the same time protect my hair…that is until Elizabeth Jay created a custom-made hairpiece for me using 100% human hair and French lace.
After  7 months of wearing one I am still absolutely delighted (as I was from day one!) with the natural effect, the comfort of wearing it and the protection of my own hair.  My morning hair routine now consists of a quick comb, clipping the hairpiece on top of my own hair and straightening the ends – all taking a few minutes.
I don’t know whether to be delighted or disappointed that absolutely no one has noticed I am wearing a hairpiece!  The comment amongst the stylists in Angel Hair is “Is she or isn’t she?!” – wearing it, that is!  Even they can’t tell.
Paula Gibson
Angel Hair actually has changed my life. They have given me a new found confidence...and perfect hair. I had very unruly Afro hair, and was never really able to do anything with it except put it in a bun ever day so it didn't knot. If I was going out, I'd wear a sparkly hair bobble, because that's all I could do! I used to be envious of all my friends being able to put their hair up or down however they liked, and dye it and style it. I tried asking different hair dressers if there was anything they could do to make it more manageable, but they would just say 'no'......then I found Angel Hair! They are a great group of girls who were able to advise me, recommend products and treatments and who welcomed me as a friend. They have reasearched products and treatments that actually work with my hair and won't damage it in any way, and it is now straight, healthy, glossy , manageable hair! I've had it coloured, I've had extensions that don't damage my hair, I can wear it straight, curly, up or down as I please...I finally have 'normal' hair...... and it's all down to the care and attention of Angel Hair! I love you girls xo Nina Foster
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