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May 15 Launch - Hair Solutions Freelance Clinic

I'm in business a decade now and I'm still constantly being told I wish I'd have known about you years ago, 

The reason for this is the Hair Solutions I offer are a really personal and secretive nature, not a conversational topic for the super market queue or dinner table so word of mouth isn't the way forward. So to combat this I have felt compelled to bring my services out of my salon Angelhair and into a network of salons throughout the North and South of Ireland. Bringing the solutions to client's within the comfort of their trusted salons and stylists.

New Design

Well what can I say, my statement to write my blog more often was rather foolish as life just keeps on getting busier and busier. I'm definitely not complaining though.
I've been working on our new marketing strategy, via social media, which has taken quite a bit of research and learning, but I love every minute of it.
Some good news for anyone considering a volumiser. Due to having trained several lovely ladies the art of wigmaking, we can now get our pieces from creation to head within 8 weeks.

Good Salon Guide

As a member of the Good Salon Guide, Elizabeth Jay @Angelhair has recently been featured on their very popular website.
Having heard of our Sunday Life Feature last October they contacted me to see if they could add it to their 'latest news' section. Naturally this was too good an opportunity to turn down, so I gratefully accepted their kind proposal. Visit their website to check it out. x

Hair Extensions Advice

I'm making a concerted effort to blog more often, today being the start of a new leaf.
One of the reason's I'm writing today is the recent segments regarding hair loss and hair extensions on ITV's This Morning.
The unfortuante girl who had applied her own glue in extensions was understandably emotional by the devastating damage she had caused. As I suffered the same permanent damage from sew-in weave extensions many years ago, I completely empathised with her. As sad as I was for her I truly commend her on being so brave going on National Television to highlight this growing issue.


Hi, well Im glad to see August over as I was running on adrenline, which was evaporating fast. Although hectically busy, it was an immensly productive month on a business and personal level.
I'll spare you the personal details, and concentrate on updating you on all on the latest business developments.
Firstly I had a very sucessful meeting earlier this month with a Dermatology Consultant at Craigavon Hospital regarding my Custom Made Volumisers. To cut a long story short, he was very enthusiatic, and is currently in contact with the NHS to secure funding for hair loss patients.

Hello & Thankyou

Well, here goes with my first ever blog.
Firstly I'd like to thankyou for visiting my new website, and I'd be extremely grateful to hear your opinions or queries.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the girls at Angelhair, they really are Angels. Their support, talent and friendships have helped me get this far, and I'll be forever grateful.
Another few people to thank are all my wonderful clients, who have waited patiently for me to create my lace volumiser.

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May 15 Launch - Hair Solutions Freelance Clinic
New Design
Good Salon Guide
Hair Extensions Advice


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